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We sat here.












     Bellini , a graceful restaurant , should be an Italian style restaurant. I did have a chance to dine there not long time ago, but the day was Sunday night. It was fulled up, so we chose the other Thai restaurant next to Benilli instead of waiting. So this time here we are.

    Thanks dear 丸子. You seemed to ride across half of Taichung to find a good restaurant dining with me. Ha... Benillin didn't disappointed us. Right? And your good news surprised me. I can feel his kindly feelings on you. I am happy for you!!! And do appreciate your sharing. You came to see me yesterday. We went to the thanksgiving dinner together. Thanksgiving is such a great day abroad. There's a bit difference between USA and Canada about thanksgiving. We came to know that till yesterday, right? Thanksgiving is on the fourth Thursday of the fourth week on November in USA but on the  first Monday of the second week on Octorber in Canada. Ha Ha...That's interesting! Everybody should share one thing that is thankful yesterday. Actually I wanna thank you for your accompanying these two weeks, too.  I didn't take pictures yesterday, but I did bring my camera. I'm shy to shoot. Ha ha..... But I love this one.

Me & 丸子

    OH~~~ I should write down something about Bellini. XDDD

    Starting from the menu. You can order food from various appetizer, salad , pizza, pasta , drinks, and so on. You can eat either a la carte or combo. We ordered a combo set at last.   

 We had no creation, so we ordered the Couple Set. XD

 Here is our exotic dinner.

Isalata = Salad 

I don't know the exactly name of these dishes. But I'll describe them as possible as I could. This is a cabbage, I guess, with crispy bread pieces and white cheese and I don't know what sauce it is. Believe me! I felt I'm very healthy when eating.

Zuppa = soup 

This is the soup. As you can see, there're lots of ingredients in it. I almost thought it's a hotchpotch. Ha ha...There're even big red beans in it. Shouldn't red beans be in a sweet soup???!!! Actually, it tasted good. Tomato flavor.

Here are the two main dishes.

Pizza  Fresh shrimps, mashrooms and blended cheese on basil sause.

Pasta  Spaghetti with fresh clams and garlic in fish stock

 Good tasty!!!! I love mushrooms. And Pizza should be tasted right upon roasted. It is thin and crispy. Great!!!!  I always think that it's hard to prepare a spaghetti, because noodles and sauce aren't easy to make them mix well. I could taste the spicy taste even in the clams. Although I was full that time, I finished it all. 


Good shot!! ha ha.... 


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