My dear mom took me to "work" (not school XD) this morning, and I used the spare key to try to open the scooter trunk or to start my scooter. BUT Failed. OH!! I plunged into blue again. You know, when you're not happy, bad thought comes one by one and make you feel even more blue!! That was just the beginning of a day. Then I asked the register if there's any lost key there. "No" is the answer that I had prepared to accept in advance. 

    Thanks for all my dear colleagues who showed their concern about me. I couldn't remember who said "Have you check your footrest?"  OH! Yeah! I never thought of this point. I ran to the parking lot behimd the pharmacy, taking up the footrest pad. Ya!!! There it is!!!!!!!!!!! Woooow, you all definitely cannot understand how cheerful I am in that moment. My tears almost came out. It's true!! Ha ha... So the fact is that  I was in a rush and left my keys in the keyhole of my scooter. Somebody found that and hid the keys under the footrest in order to prevent from bad guy stealing my scooter directly. No matter who you are, thanks for your sweet action. I appreciate it.

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