It was a very early morning. 4:30 AM. We got up much much earlier than the usual working day. Outside was still dark. I think our grandpa sun was still on his bed too. I had to turn on the light in front of my bike so that I could see my way clearly.

Our train departed at 5:33 am. We took our breakfast, arriving the station around 5:00 am, because we had to pack the bike into the bike bag and then carried it into the platform by our own. Believe me. You'll never know how heavy a half-way bike is until it "rides" on you. Not to mention you have to carry it and walk a distance; even though it's just a short distance.


The 12th car is the appointed car for the placement of bike. Obviously, it is rebuilt from the originally restaurant car. We took the train that the reconstruction is not accomplished yet. Ha...... So at the first time, we didn't know how to put our bike. Just.....let it be what it should be.........


And this is what a bicycle placement area should be.......We took this train back from Hualien. We met many bikers who traveled like us. No cars, no motors. Travel all the way depends on our own. Love the earth in our ways. It's really a hard task for me to go only by bike. I confessed I almost gave up and went to rent a car instead. Especially when the weather kept raining raining.... and raining.... It's funny that many colleagues were curious why I didn't turn black after a week back from my Hualien trip. Here's the reason. Because it was raining from Monday till Thursday. Ha...... But YES!!!  I did it !!! I can say I am GREAT!!!~~ HA!~~   

P1110076.JPG P1110077.JPG

On the train, I woke up and then fell into sleep again and again. We ate a lunch box togerther. The famous railway lunch box, well....I thought... the pork rib was good. Yap! ONLY the prok rib was good.  

5 and an half hours had passed. Finally, we were getting close to the Hualien Station. And thanks whatever, Hualien is the last stop of this train, so we could take our time getting off train with the heavy bike. I really think the Taiwan Railways Administration should change the rule. Can we pack the bike after going into the platform? I think all bikers will support this idea and won't ride on the platform off course, or a bike is too heavy for a female rider honestly.  

TRANSFORMER bike version  


Map is truly important for backpackers. The map sold in the bookstore is not enough. I mean it is not detailed enough. But no matter how detailed a map is, it is still useless for someone who has no sense of direction like me!!~~~ XDDD...  Make sure you travel with a right person!!



HERE WE GO~~~~~~


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