A lovely evil I bought from a stand setting in the sidewalk of Bangkok. It has the golden horns and a red tail and what cutest is its face expression. All drove me to make an immediately decision to bring it home with me.

Guess how much is it..... I suppose it only cost me half of Taiwan price. No more than THB 40. Cheap? Right~~ In Taiwan , this size of hand-made doll may cost NT 80 or more. This is what makes Thailand so amazing. You always can find a bargain fits your need. But I found this rule couldn't be uesd in the department stores. The products selling in the department stores are just as expensive as Taiwan. It is because of the high customs duties of import goods. If you are a lover of shopping in luxury department store, in my opinion, it's no need to fly to Bangkok. In contrast, if you love to buy goods at night markets or wholesale stores, Bangkok is definitely a shopping paradise for you.

And if you are a gourmet, don't miss Bangkok in your must-to-visit country list......

                              to be continued... ... ...

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