a government of the people , by the people , and for the people

I never know the translation is so simple. You can understand the sentence easily, but you never know that's what we call "民有民治民享的政府". Interesting !!!!

I saw this video in the class. It was the political veiws of Obama, the newest American President elected not long time ago, and a commercial advertisement was composed  by The Black Eyed Peas for Obama combining his political views. I felt the video is cooooooool !!!!! Ha ha....  


I'm just searching "Yes We Can" video on the Youtube, and I found another relevent touching video. It came out after Obama won the election, I guess. I like the idea of we're one people. Yeah! No matter what color you are, we still can be hand in hand making effort together to accomplish one goal. Meeting different people, sharing different experience with different people coming from everywhere of the world is such a interesting thing. I hope I would get the chance to do so.

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