My scooter keys was lost today!!!!! I found this fact while I was in an emergency that I got to arrive the train station in 10 minutes. I even asked my colleague to let my leave 5 minutes earlier. In the end, I spent the 5 mintues to look for my keys and that was totally in vain eventually. I was so down and so hungry in the meanwhile because that meant I need to go home by walk after the class. It was alomst 11:00pm when I back to Chunghua train Station. And how do I get on work tomorrow morning??!

  I couldn't remember anything about where I put my keys. Did I do the stupid action that I locked the keys in my scooter trunk?? OK! Maybe the positive answer will be better for me because that mean I can use the spare key to  start my scooter again without paying extra money to a locksmith. OH~~~I pray for this consequence. Please my dear God!

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