Internet is really such a good tool that I can do everything at home only by clicking the mouse.  In the thanksgiving dinner , everyone responds for one dish. As for me, I don't cook. OK! I CAN"T cook actually!! So buying food is absolutely the conveninet and easy way for me. What to buy?? OH~~~That's a brainstorming question. I'm the one who always lack of creativity.  Uh...Uh.........PIZZA jsut poped in to my mind. However, where to buy?? Check the internet, of course.

    WoooW... I come to know that I can make an order on the internet and take my pizzas at my scheduled time. How cool is it!!!  The most cool is that I can buy one and get another one for free!! Of course buy a big one and get another big one either. So I don't have to call and don't have to wait , I can have my ordered pizzas immediately.

    Now I look forward to the thanksgiving dinner. I can image that there will be lots of food including one roasted turkey and my four big pizzas and cola certainly. Thinking of these makes my mouth full with "water" now!

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