KiKi restaurant is running by 藍心湄 who used to be a star but now a program host of Taiwan I think. Her famous program is probably 女人我最大 introducing everything making pretty women. Clothing, shoes, accessories, make-up....whatever.
The flavor of KiKi is coming from 四川. So almost the cuisine on menu is spicy!! Ranking by stars, maybe from only one star, less spicy, to triple stars, the most spicy. And the mark of KiKi is cute!! A little black Kitty!! Easily recognizing if driving on the 公益  road in Taichung~~~

We had a warmly lunch party in KiKi celebrating the birthday of 阿鳳 who paid for this lunch.

As you can see, the waiters standing back of us smile and shot this picture with us. We all are six. So we ordered six dishes and one soup for this lunch.

left: water celery with cayenne pepper  We need to eat some vegetables in every meal. Right!?~
right: the name of this dish is called 蒼蠅頭. Leeks fry with fragments of meat. Also the best-known for KiKi. Actually I don't like to eat leeks, but I can absolutely accept the taste of this one. It is a little bit spicy.

I don't exactly remember all the names of our order. But I'll try~~~
left: 炸腸旺 This one tastes like 鹹酥雞 that is crisp so as the bean.
right: My favorable dish~~ 蟹黃海鮮豆腐褒~~ It don't need to be described more I think. It look really delicious, palatable, and appetizing!!!

left: beef with a layer of tofu pudding. OH~~~this one is extremely spicy!!!!! It is ranked by triple stars. But we have required to reduce two stars to lower the hot taste, it is still very very hot!!!
right: 辣子雞肉  It's all red pepper and fried garlic in this dish. Even the fried chickens are red red red~~~But actually it would not be too spicy! Any dish won't be more spicy than the beef with tofu pudding in anyway!!!

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