I think I had a little argument with my best friend. Maybe it was not kind of serious. But we both had a bad mood after hung up the phone. During my all working night, I kept thinking that "Am I really too nervous??". We planned on visiting friend in this summer vacation. Summer vacation is a hot season of traveling. I have browsed so many on-line pages and contacted with a few traveling agencies for booking flight.  Almost all the  airlines are booked out!! Maybe that's one of the reasons made me nervous.
The second reason~Our trip needs transferring to arrive in Fort Lauderdale. I don't want to wast time in waiting for the transferring. In some flights, the transferring time is up to 6 hours or more than 10 hours!! OH~My Goodness!! I'm afraid that we have no choice but to book the long-waiting-time tickets.
It's really bad to have a quarrel with someone. Especially with your best friend!!!   
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