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Ha HA...It's great to post a video on my blog.
I'm really amazed at how convenient it is to find an answer in the Internet. I just typed into my question and clicked the SEARCH button. Then I got the answer I want. Actually,it's surely simple to have a video on blog. All I need to do is copying the "EMBED" and attaching it on the article. I felt so achievable!!!  HA HA HA.....

In fact,I stayed up late all the night.
I have to explain  that I don't stay up on purpose.
I just CAN'T fall asleep. Maybe that's the 大夜症候群!
My brain is clear at night,and the condition has lasted for several days. But thanks for this reason,I watched a great movie on the HBO. Yap! That's The Lake House. So touching! So romantic! It's worthy to be  recommended.

By the way,the official site is

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