I think that it has been long long....long time ago since I update my blog last time. HaHa....   That reminds me one thing.   It  also  has  been  long  long  time  ago.  There's one time I told one of my friends that I have an on-line album, and I gave him the website.  Minutes  later, he said surprisedly  "Oh!!! you have a blog!!! You really write it often?? If so, you aren't the person  I know!!! " Ha~~~~~~~ How SMART he is!!!! I don't catch up my blog since that time!
Today, the idea of typing something on my blog pops into my head. And I don't know why, I just want to express in a different language.  I  have to admit  I have poor endurance. I always give up halfway. So maybe the next time I renew my blog will be a month later or even longer later. And maybe I'll type in Chinese again. CCC....

Okay. I would like to recommend Janet's Traveling Blog to you all.
She's the host of FUN TAIWAN of Travel and Living Channel.
I really love her!!
I like her hosting style. I like the way she smile! Usually big smile!!!
So BRIGHT  is she that I love her!!! I hope you guys will adore Janet as me!! 

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