Die! Everyone is born to die!

As we grow up older,we need to face more and more death. I still a bit can not accept the fact that Cheng Mom had left us FOREVER!! I don't even dare to image the day will come some day in the future to my home,to my family. NOOOO!! I really,truly,surely,certainly don't want to.
When only Cheng pa and I were in the living room,Cheng pa told me he's 60 and he is old. It dose not has too much time left for him to take care of his two dear daughters! In that moment,tears were almost full of my eyes,but I didn't let them drop off. I did my best to keep tears in my eyes!! I said softly "Don't say that!" to Cheng pa. He quickly replied "Don't evade!!" .............

Yes!!~~~Don't evade to face death in front of us! We must have to take the lesson! It just the matter about time. We take it earlier or later. We need to grow up some day. We will be alone some day. Be alone to handle everything in our daily life. Upon thinking of this,I start to cherish every moment I spend with my mom. I still rely on my mom too much for everything. I still am a child even being 27 now.

Before I stepped into the elevator,Cheng pa said "Thank you! You're the best friend of Rosemary!". I said "No! Rosemary got lots of best friends. I'm just one of them." Then Cheng pa said "Can I bother you afterwards??".
"Sure!" I replied.

On the train back to home,
on my seat,
I closed my eyes.

My tears couldn't help dropping......

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